Donations - How You Can Help

Mensheds Australia is a strong supporter of the men's shed movement as actions that will improve the health status of men. A key strength is the autonomous development of men's sheds in many communities without being part of "government".  That provides flexibility and adaptability to local needs.

The initiative requires resources to succeed.  Wholesale support from government will result in a loss in independence and flexibility.  As a result, alternative sources of support are needed.  Those resources can come from the development of commercial activiities within the sheds themselves, and from men's shed supporters.

Mensheds Australia' mission is to work with men's sheds to build their commercial activities and to source resources from all sources - private individuals, corporates, non-government organsiations, and from government itself for some programs.  

Mensheds Australia is a Not-For-Profit Public Company, a Registered Health Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status to facilitate that role.

Mensheds Australia relies for some support on funds provided by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Government  As an example, the NPA shed in Barmega has been developed with government and community support. Some of the health programs that will operate throught the shed structure will have government support.

However, Mensheds Australia believes that the men's shed movement is essentially a non-government initiative and needs to attract the support of any organsation or person who want to develop programs to advance men's health that are the equivalent of those that support women's health.

Menshed Australia would like to engage with any organisation or person who shares our view. That discussion will focus on developing arrangements that work for the benefit of the contributor, men's health and the men's shed movement. That includes linking contributors with particular sheds where a range of contributions could be made.

Potential suporters can contribute in a variety of ways:

  1. By making a donation- download the attached form here
  2. By participating through the Virtual Men's Shed that is a division of Mensheds Australia - a separate brochure is being prepared
  3. By contacting the Mensheds Australia help desk on 0457 888 387

The help desk receives many inquiries that include offers of resources to men's sheds.  Mensheds Australia has developed procedures to handle those offers effectively so that the resources get to sheds that can make good use of them.