For men over 50 - Do you think you may have depression or anxiety? Do you suffer from insomnia?

The SOMNA (Sleep or Mood Novel Adjunctive therapy) Study is a clinical trial evaluating whether the addition of an internet-based program targeting sleep problems can help improve depression and sleep in men over 50 years of age. Within this trial participants will receive free, provided by a psychiatrist, personalised 3-month treatment plans for their mood problems. Whilst receiving treatment for their mood, participants will be required to complete one of two internet programs, each lasting nine weeks and each focusing on sleep problems and insomnia.

The trial is being conducted by the Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney (in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health Research, the Black Dog Institute and the University of Virginia). The trial is funded by beyondblue: the national depression and anxiety initiative and The Movember Foundation.
If you are interested in joining this trial, please visit Alternatively you may contact the SOMNA Research Study team on or telephone (02) 9114 4002.