International Historians Association Virtual Menshed

IHA Menshed- Restoration Project
IHA Menshed - Photo Muster

"Robert Longbottom is part of the International Historians Association (IHA) and an avid Menshed supporter.   IHA are in the process of developing a 'virtual' Menshed -a historians menshed -  operating from Canberra but with links across the world. 

Members are in the planning stages of the Shed which will encourage the participation of mentally active men from all walks of life and with a global reach. An important aim of the new menshed will be build an on-line crowd funding platform enabling individual mensheds to raise funds for their ongoing operations and special projects.  A target has been set of helping sheds to raise a minimum of $3500."

A second aim reflects the background of steering committee members.  All are writers, with a strong interest in local history and hope, through their virtual shed, to encourage as many people as possible to submit stories and biographies about their local communities. 

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