Shed Locator

The Men’s Shed Locator is built on a substantive database containing information on men's sheds.

The men’s shed locator is useful for:

  1. Prospective members looking to join a shed - you may need to contact and visit several sheds to find one that suits your needs;
  2. Shed members seeking other sheds to share information and ideas;
  3. Travelling men's shed members locating sheds to visit while travelling the country;
  4. Identifying sheds that can make use of donated goods;
  5. Identifying sheds who can provide goods and services to customers;
  6. Corporations, businesses, organisations and people who are interested in supporting a men’s shed - most sheds have some form of sponsor support;
  7. Identifying sheds that can assist in the delivery of men's health information and programs offered by government and other helath agencies.

With nearly 1000 sheds, the compilation and maintenance of such a database is a large task beyond Mensheds Australia's resources.  As a result the shed locator service is not available at this site.  An alternative is to go to the following site for information on men's sheds:

People or organisations that are seeking information about sheds in a particular locality should use this site (it will be a quicker solution than calling the help number!).

Within the ambit of Mensheds Australia, there is likely to be a need for data on specific sheds or issues.  These needs will be addressed as the needs arise. As they emerge, information will be available at his section of the website.