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Mensheds Australia has been developed to support the various individual and specific needs of men’s sheds.  Over the years this has involved considerable evolution of the model, the way we operate and how we interact with individual men’s sheds at various stages of their development.

We remain steadfast in our objective to support men’s sheds that seek to be exemplary community organisations that are interested in sustainable organisational and operating structures.  We are also of the view that the men’s sheds should have a degree of financial independence. 

To these ends, Mensheds Australia has built its support around the best information available for the operation of a community men’s shed organisation.

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Mensheds Australia helps you to reduce your mind-traffic

Members are seeking involvement for many reasons:

  • To increase their capacity to start up or develop their men’s shed, or activities
  • To share and exchange expert knowledge and information
  • To access more comprehensive resources for their men’s shed, or projects
  • To be part of a critical mass that can provide encouragement and support
  • To reduce the cost structure of delivery of services to their members
  • To enhance marketing ideas and have access to marketing experience
  • To develop new ideas, products and services beyond their current capacity
  • To improve access to research and innovative ideas

Mensheds Australia is an infinite number of men's sheds, organisations and individuals that work together with the ultimate in adaptability and flexibility, while still retaining their own identities. Men's sheds that share our vision and become involved will have a significant advantage, which could simply mean survival.  

  • Cost sharing
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Technology sharing
  • Resource sharing
  • Idea and opportunity Generation
  • Sharing of skills and services

Mensheds Australia operates, as a Virtual Collaborative Organisation empowering and leveraging trusted relationships, drawing on and leveraging each other's strengths and resources. Characteristics of Mensheds Australia are significantly different from those found in traditional support structures.

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Helping to Generate Intellectual and Social Capital

The characteristics that bind Mensheds Australia people into an effective organisation

  • We share similar values in a common culture of caring and sharing
  • There is a shared vision and a common air of can-do co-operation
  • Access to a cost effective infrastructure, increasing members effectiveness
  • Capacity to reach into aspects of men's health and well being
  • Activities are clustered around core competencies
  • Greater access to new technologies and skills is achieved
  • Information and knowledge is freely shared throughout the trusted relationships
  • Capacity to make decisions more efficiently and effectively
  • Tasks are delegated when there is an overload, whenever economies of scale can be achieved, new conditions arise, or a specific skill is required
  • Activities that are consider non-core or non-strategic are outsourced
  • Being more in tune to generating quality opportunities for improvement of men's health, well being and other issues.
  • Corporate partners are more supportive because of the bigger picture
  • Together we are able to move to where the opportunities and ideas are plentiful


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