Grumpygrandpa's Menshed

Grumpygrandpas Workshop
L to R, Dave, Kim, John, Tony, Scotty and Dave (Chalkey)
Scotty on the lathe
Dave Chalky White - heads the carpentry shop
John Paige doing the dovetails
Tony on the bandsaw

Grumpygrandpas Workshop  comprises a group of retired pensioners, with a strong desire to give back to the community.  They commenced in 2008 at the rear of the Goodna Neighbourhood House (GNH) in a small double garage. With the help of GNH and Ipswich City Council, the workshop quickly gained a very positive reputation for helping people with special needs, particularly those interested in woodturning.   Through grants they were able to expand, but like  an number of emerging mensheds, soon found the premises were too small for their purposes.  But serendipity turned up and at a fete held at Westfalen Parklands, Grumpygrandpas were offered a large workshop owned by Challenge Employment and Training. This was an exceptional offer - much too good to refuse. 

Challenge have been a great ongoing supporter and a good working partnership has developed allowing the Workshop to obtain additional funding,  to utilise Challenge transport to collect clients from Redbank Railway Station as well as a number of other benefits. 
Members carry blue cards for working with children and are on the look out for others with whom members can share their woodworking skills.  As Workshop  President David Bird said recently "the future of Grumpygrandpas looks very strong"
Grumpygrandpas are open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 8.30am and noon.  Their website is
David Bird can be contacted on 07 3381 9729.  Alternatively, Kim Hodges on 07 3288 2002