First Aid Training for your Shed



The line between men's health and first aid can be easily drawn where poor health management provides risk of heart attack or stroke. Within your Shed though, other obvious risks revolve around the use of tools, power and even cooking. The occasional consumption of a home brew (or worse!) potentially only adds to the risk of accident. Whilst we all do our best to minimise these risks, the mere over-representation of over 50's within the sheds present a probability risk that all committees should plan and be ready for.

More than just a method of mitigating a 'duty of care' or liability risk, first aid readiness will benefit your members and shed as a whole.

CPR First Aid is one such company  who provides nationally accredited first aid training and already provides annual training to a number of our member sheds.

CPR First Aid has agreed to develop a training package that can not only be delivered onsite in your Shed but are able to price a package that will enable your committee to market any spare seating capacity as a training offer to the wider business community. This could be a great way of not only raising funds but engaging your Shed to the business community in your area. Relationships such as these are an ideal way of building financial sustainability.

A large number of small businesses are required to have key staff renew their first aid or CPR training annually. For those requiring just one or two people to be trained for their business, there are few, if any options available to be trained locally. Perhaps your Mens Shed could get some leverage on your next first aid training course. Over 33,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest each year in this country, with only 5% surviving. A defibrillator can be a critical tool in saving a life in your shed. Depending on the proximity of your shed to local business or community; such an investment might benefit those within reach, providing another opportunity to promote engagement by the community with your shed. CPR First Aid has bundled its defibrillators with a rental plan, taking the sting out of the capital cost.

Call CPR First Aid on 1300 305 606 for more information.