Trevor's No. 7 Tip- Shed Co-ordinator

A frequently asked question is whether or not to employ a shed co-ordinator. Like most things, there are pros and cons which can vary alot according to the style and objectives of each shed.  They are worthwhile listing on a sheet of paper and arranging a session for a few of you to think carefully about.

In general terms a paid co-ordinator will represent a cost and your Shed will need to determine if it is in a position to fund this.  Often this cost can be worthwhile, as someone who is being paid is more accountable and reliable than a group of volunteers, irrespective of their enthusiasm. 

If your shed is unable to afford such a cost, and this is frequently the case with  start-up sheds, you need to think about a volunteer to do the job.  Rather than placing the burden on one person's shoulders, consider the option of sharing the load between a small group (say 2 or 3) of energetic men  with a strong interest in seeing your Shed develop.  Ideally they should also have a thick skin as it can be a thankless task!